Hello my name is Mrs. James. Please join me as I travel to Greece to study the dolphins of the Amvrakikos Gulf!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Survying The Transections Saturday

Today is another beautiful day, we set off early once more with our fingers crossed that we might see some dolphines. We are survying the Amvrakikos Gulf - Joan has sectioned this area off as you can see on the plan below.

We started at point D then completed section D,E and F. When we are on our way to the start point, or travelling anywhere other than on the transections, we all have to look down. This is called negative observance - until we reach our start point then he tells us we are on positive observance and we all have our section to observe. While observation is in progress there is no talking or asking any questions. Joan is just waiting for us to shout out dolphines at 3 o'clock etc. Although we were working on this all morning- we did not see any dolphines.

Joan took us to see some other ways that the fishermen are working, below you can see a fisherman high up a tower which makes his look-out point. When the nets are filled he calls for the other fishermen to help close the circle of nets - which captures the fish.

Travelling on our way back to base we see this fish farm where the fish are actually being fed their pellets.

See below a photo of the house where we are staying,

And finally today before I go back to base to carry on with our work, we are matching dolphines from those we first saw to put all the same dolphines in the same file on the computer. We have a lecture by Joan after this work and our duties to do either cooking or cleaning, dinner then is at 9pm

This group photo was taken this morning on the boat - be in touch tomorrow -fingers and toes crossed that we spot dolphines!!

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